Part of Latvia's informal bathing sites, thanks to the active activity of local governments, are properly managed, well-organised and provide hygiene requirements. During the bathing season, local governments shall also organise water quality checks for their own resources.

The Health Inspectorate shall compile the submitted results of informal bathing water analyses each year and shall, in accordance with the territorial breakdown, reflect the sampling site, time, results of water quality indicators and the conclusion of the Health Inspectorate regarding the permit to swim. The data shall be updated following receipt of the results of water tests by the Inspectorate.


“ Related to information received on 19.07.21. Skin Allergic reactions following a swim in Ropage municipality and Vangage Career , with several people referring to a family doctor, the Health Inspectorate has reasonable grounds to believe that it has been created by t.s “ swimmers itch ” - microscopic larvae of parasitic worms living in water. The inspection calls for careful care to be taken when bathing in these bathing areas, and to clean up with a towel immediately after the bath, or to take a shower, if possible, and not to allow the skin to dry in a natural way! More information about “swimmers itch” is available at -pruritus “ ”