Information on outdoor and indoor air quality issues prepared by the Health Inspectorate (hereinafter - Inspectorate) shall have an informative nature. The Inspectorate shall not perform an outdoor air quality supervision in Latvia, but, prepare and provide information regarding the impact of a specific pollutant on human health, if a request from the State limited liability company “Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre” regarding the regulatory overshoot specified in the regulatory framework (in accordance with the Cabinet Regulation N of 3 November 2009) is received. R. 1290 “rules on air quality”, paragraph 43.

The Inspectorate shall also supervise the fulfilment of the ventilation regime in educational institutions (taking into account the information provided by the institution regarding the ventilation regime, as well as the subjective assessment of air quality, without the use of measuring instruments) in accordance with the hygiene requirements specified in regulatory enactments for educational institutions.

The Inspectorate has carried out a World Health Organisation (WHO) survey of indoor environmental quality (including CO2 concentration in classrooms at the time of pupils) in 18 Latvian schools and will carry out a similar study in 2017-2022 of the Health Ministry's ESF Project “Comples for Health Promotion and Diseases” prevention Measures' Planned Activity No. 6.1.16. “Environmental Quality and Safety Study of Educational Institutions” under, with an additional survey of approximately 109 schools (2-3 classes in each school).