Cabinet of Ministers 09.09.2016. regulations No. 593 “Procedures by which a merchant notifies the commencement of the sale of electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette filler vials” (hereinafter - Regulations No. 593) developed on the basis of Section 8, Paragraph nine of the Law on Tobacco Products, Plant smoking products and electronic smoking devices and their fluids.

Regulation No. 593 shall prescribe the procedures by which merchants engaged in the marketing of electronic cigarettes and refill containers shall submit information regarding the commencement of the marketing of electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette refill vials.

Merchants must fill in Regulation No. 593 form and submit it to the Health Inspectorate (hereinafter - the Inspectorate) for review. The application can be submitted in person in Rīga, Klijānu iela 7, sent by post (Klijānu iela 7, Rīga, LV - 1012) or submitted electronically, if it is signed with an electronic signature or using the portal The Inspectorate will review the application within a reasonable time period, but not longer than specified in the Application Law. If, in examining the application, it is determined that it has not been completed in conformity or is incomplete, the Inspectorate shall, within 30 days of receipt of the submission, request the merchant in writing to clarify the submitted information. The merchant must submit specified information to the Inspectorate within 14 days of receipt of the request.

Information regarding the place of sale and the proposed assortment shall be indicated in the application. The form shall be signed by the person signed by the company, specifying the contact details for himself and the contact person. It is possible to supplement the number of entries in the application for trading venues as necessary. The merchant's duties shall include reporting to the Inspectorate if he or she starts trading in a new place or if the name, legal address, authorised person, contact person, planned assortment, trade name, actual address or telephone number of the merchant indicated in the application changes. The merchant must notify the Inspectorate of the changes referred to above within 14 days.