In the event of organised exhibitions of medicinal products, seminars, conferences, congresses, contests and other events relating to advertising of medicinal products, the organiser of the event shall inform the Health Inspectorate thereof no later than seven days before the event, by submitting the programme of the measure and indicating the place and time of the event, the organisers and sponsors of the event, the circle of participants, the advertising envisaged and other medicinal products. type of information and persons responsible for advertising medicinal products.

See 2011.17.05. Cabinet Regulation No. 378, Procedures for the Advertising of Medicinal Products and Procedures by which a medicinal product manufacturer is entitled to hand over free samples of medicinal products to doctors, Paragraph 35.


The most convenient way to submit information about a medicine promotional seminar is:

  • when filling out an application for a Drug Advertising Seminar here: