Trio presidency

Trio presidency means that three consecutive presidencies work together to make joint presidency trio programme for the whole 18-month period. Latvia is sharing the trio presidency with Italy and Luxembourg. Italy is the first from the trio to hold the presidency. Italy holds the presidency for the second half of 2014, Latvia will take it over during the first half of 2015, but the second half of 2015 will be held by Luxembourg.

On 24 June 2014 the General Affairs Council endorsed the 18-month programme of the Council of the European Union established by the future Italian, Latvian and Luxembourg presidencies.
The trio working programme outlines priorities for the next 18 months. The main objective for this period is to fully overcome the economic and financial crisis whilst boosting the Union’s growth, to strengthen the Union’s capacity to deliver more jobs and to seize digital opportunities, to safeguard fundamental rights and to fully play its role in a fast changing world. Trio working programme integrates the priorities of Latvia’s presidency.