Main Purpose of Health Inspectorate
To reduce the risk for society and consumer health by realizing state surveillance. Health Inspectorate is to perform state administration functions in the field of supervision and control of the sector, in order to fulfil and implement requirements set by the laws and regulations valid in the said sphere.
Main Task of Health Inspectorate
To ensure legal, professional, consistent and competent state surveillance and control in health sector, taking part in such policy realization as public health, health care, pharmacy, drug and psychotropic substances legal circulation and consumer rights protection.
Operation of the Inspectorate is regulated by Regulations No 76 of the Cabinet of Ministers “Regulations of the Health Inspectorate”, dated 05.02.2008.
The Health Inspectorate has been set nine scopes of activity:
  • Control of medical treatment institutions.
  • Supervision and control of availability of health care services and application of the public funding.
  • Control of quality of health care and capacity checks.
  • Maintenance of the Register of Medical Institutions and the Register of Medical Persons and Medical Support Persons.
  • Control of pharmaceutical companies and circulation of drugs.
  • Control of heightened risk objects.
  • Supervision of factors potentially affecting the health of the population.
  • Control of trade of chemical substances, chemical compounds and safety of cosmetics.
  • Control of distribution and application (operation) of medical devices.