Medical tourism


Medical Tourism is where people who live in one country travel to another country to receive medical, dental and surgical care while at the same time receiving equal to or greater care than they would have in their own country, and are traveling for medical care because of affordability, better access to care or a higher level of quality of care.

Like other countries, Latvia also has health care providers offering health care services to medical tourists. One of the requirements for medical tourism service providers ir registration in the Registry of Medical Institutions. Such registration ensures that medical institution is working in compliance with legislation of the Republic of Latvia and is duly supervised by the Health Inspectorate.


Health Inspectorate maintains a database of health care providers registered as health care tourism service providers. Health care providers are added to the database of medical tourism service providers if they have been registered in the Registry of Medical Institutions for at least 3 years and if Health Inspectorate has had positive compliance check giving assurance that the service provider meets the requirements set out in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

This link will guide you to the database of Medical tourism service providers (30.06.2020., PDF, 22.5 KB).
To learn more about particular health care provider’s services, you may contact the institution directly either by phone or e-mail available in the database.
To become a medical tourist, citizens of the European Union must prior to arrival agree with service provider in Latvia on availability of required service. Citizens of third countries must also acquire Schengen visa for entry into Latvia.
Medical tourists applying for Schengen visa must acquire an invitation from Latvian health care provider which will be providing the required service and is registered in the Registry of Medical Institutions.